Rosie Davis CPA for Auditor General



Real experience in Auditing that spans over three decades. Her expertise ranges from Main Street to Wall Street. She is an expert in the field of government auditing and shouldn’t that be a minimum requirement to be an Auditor General? 


The Right Experience

She is a CPA certified public accountant and serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Smithfield Township Board of Auditors. Owns a financial management consulting business that has conducted over 500 audits

Relevant Experience

Rosie’s relevant expertise was forged on the battlefield of auditing, managing and leading teams of auditors conducting financial & compliance audits and internal control as well as operational reviews while working at public accounting firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers TCBA Watson Rice LLP and ContiGroup Companies in NYC.


Fraud aren’t you tired of it?

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of program directors, lawyers, and the folks with access to our tax dollars running off with the money. This has got to stop. I am the only CPA auditor candidate who has led teams that have conducted over 500 audits from Main Street to Wall Street. I have seen it all and uncovered countless dollars of fraud for my clients and I’m willing to bring that  REAL experience to the people of our State

Statewide elderly care programs are underfunded and lack adequate transparency and accountability.

Elderly care programs lack sufficient resources to provide adequate care to its recipients.  Statewide, elderly care programs such as “senior share ride” programs are frequently mismanaged and deliver substandard services to needy seniors. The 3rd party vendors need to be reviewed and measured for efficiencies and quality. My mother who participates in these programs has to take a bag lunch with her because the food is so bad. I personally called to complain and I was pointed to another program and once I called them they point back it was like the Shaggy song “It wasn’t me” That’s just one of the things the Auditor General can do to protect our tax dollars

School District funding and expenditures need more transparency and accountability

Across the Commonwealth, equitability of State school district funding requires additional transparency and a compliance review is needed to ensure the taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.  Every taxpayer pays School District taxes and elected school board members are tasked to make the right decisions for their school districts.  The Auditor General’s office should perform an internal control review and an expenditure audit to ensure that school districts have established the highest level of internal controls and they are operating effectively.  In addition, the Auditor  General office should ensure that school districts are spending taxpayer funds in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Rose has the Right Experience

Rose Davis is originally from a small town in Oklahoma called Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Her childhood nickname is “Rosie” and all of her friends, family, and neighbors call her Rosie. Rosie has lived in Monroe County for eight years and moved to the Poconos because of its beauty and tranquility.

Rosie has an extensive and impressive background which spans more than thirty years. Her relevant background details are as follows:

She is a certified public accountant and serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Smithfield Township Board of Auditors. Ms. Davis was elected in 2017 to serve a term from 2018 to 2024. In addition, Ms. Davis serves on the Finance Committee for the Shawnee Valley Owners Association, is a member of the Monroe County NAACP, owns a financial management consulting business in Monroe County and works with Galleros Robinson LLP.

Ms. Davis has an accounting and auditing career that spans over three decades. Her expertise centers in the area of governmental entities and not-for-profit organizations. She is an expert in the field of government auditing. Her professional career highlights include:

  • Completing a two-year internship at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Office of the Inspector General – Audit.
  • Managing and conducting financial & compliance audits and internal control reviews while working at public accounting firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and TCBA Watson Rice LLP in NYC.
  • Managing operational and financial audits while working within the internal audit department at ContiGroup Companies a multi-billion dollar privately held corporation in NYC.
  • Serving as CFO/co-founder of A-TOTLEYS Learning Centers, a medium-size educational services organization in Long Island City, NY.

Ms. Davis has a passion for working with Seniors and At-risk youths. She volunteers at her local county senior citizen facility and lives in Monroe County.

The surgeon general has a medical degree

The Attorney General has a legal degree and legal experience

The Auditor-General should have auditing Experience and Degree  in auditing !!!

Don’t the people of Pennsylvania deserve the best?

A message from Rosie

Greetings to Everyone Reading this Letter:

I would like you to know why I want your vote on April 28, 2020. Here is information on my (1) Work experience, training & education, (2) Character and, (3) Why I want to be the next Auditor General.

I would like to start with my character.  My parents stressed the importance of working hard and getting an education. My father instilled within me that studying hard and going to college is the greatest path for my future and nothing less would be accepted.  My dad said this because he was not provided with the same opportunity because he had to drop out of middle school to support his mother and siblings.  I am a fair and reasonably religious person. I believe that all people should be treated the way you would treat yourself. I am also an action oriented person that has energy and drive to achieve and enjoy team building.

To elaborate on my work experience, training and education, I graduated from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) with a degree in accounting and a degree in political science in the eighties.  Yes, this is a women’s school but 10% of the student population are men.  TWU professors, specifically, my accounting professor taught me that women pursuing an accounting degree and working in the accounting profession are expected to work harder than men because unfortunately that is the expectation and pressure society places on professional women however women can achieve and excel the same as our male counterparts.

Today, I can say that I am:

  • A certified public accountant that has 34+ years of auditing, accounting operations and management consulting experience within the public accounting industry.
  • My expertise is working in the Federal, State and Local government sectors. I have experience managing and conducting financial, compliance, operational audits and internal control reviews for governmental agencies, not-for-profit organizations, colleges & universities and publicly traded corporations and privately held corporations.
  • My career started in the federal government working as a federal auditor in the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) -Audit for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • After years of federal training, I went into public accounting and have spent over three decades working in the profession. I worked at prominent CPA firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Watson Rice, and
  • I own a financial management consulting firm in Monroe County for the last ten years.
  • In 2017, I ran for my first public office and won my election in Monroe County. Today, I am the vice chairman of the Smithfield Township, Board of Auditors.


Why do I want to be your next Auditor General? I want to be the next Auditor General because I believe the auditor general’s office should have a leader with a solid and strong audit & financial background to ensure that all of your tax dollars and mine are being spent in a reasonably, proper and fair manner and within the parameters of the applicable laws and regulations.  In addition, I believe the people of Pennsylvania deserve a competent and qualified Auditor General; one that has an accounting degree and comprehensive knowledge of all accounting rules and regulations.

In closing, I would like to say again, I am humbled and excited that I have an opportunity to reach out to each of you. And I am asking for your vote and appreciate your support.